Bio Energia Guarcino was founded in 2006 to meet the the electricity and thermal energy needs of the paper mill in Guarcino. It aims to comply to the most rigorous eco-sustainability criteria, using only alternative energy sources. There are three plants at the heart of the process, which are powered by bioliquids, which as from 2017,  and in true reflection of the principles of the circular economy, consist entirely of ABPs produced within the national production chain.


The power plant is currently able to provide 100% of the paper factory’s energy requirements, with savings of up to 60% thanks to the use of a private distribution system called Simple Production and Consumption System, qualified SEE-SEU systems

Moreover, the power plant is able to supply thermal energy, providing approximately 50% of the paper factory’s requirements at more competitive prices than those of steam generated by methane gas.

The Ministry of Agriculture, thanks to the statutory instrument dated the 2nd of March 2010, introduced the possibility of using  bioliquids of national production, that is to say those included in an approved production chain agreement betweeen the most important associations in the electrical, agricultural, livestock and processing industries.

The use of nationally supplied by-products in BEG’s fuel portfolio results in the administration of specific incentives  following thorough verification procedures set out by the Ministry of Agriculture: to date BEG represents one of the most important producers of energy produced with the use of by-products of  the butchery industry (tankage).